Past Winners

David Stanley Gebhard Award

The Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians established this award in 1997. It was awarded annually for the first two years and thereafter biennially at the spring annual meeting in years ending with even numbers. We invite you to scroll through the list of the publications that were honored, a treasury of good reading about the built environment in Minnesota.

2020 Winners of the 13th Gebhard Award


Larry Millett, Metropolitan Dreams (University of Minnesota Press).

Honorable Mention

Greg Gaut, Reinventing the People’s Library (Eastside Freedom Library).


Diane Trout-Oertel, “Emma F. Brunson: The First Woman Registered as an Architect in Minnesota,” Ramsey County History 52:3 (Fall 2017): 15-23.

Honorable Mention

Eduard Krakhmalnikov, “The Trailer Park that Became a City: Hilltop and the Importance of Mobile Home Parks as Endangered Historic Places,” Minnesota History 65:8 (Winter 2017): 314-324.

Judges were Alan Lathrop, Barbara Mitchell Howard, and Emily Ganzel. The award was for works published July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019.

2018 Winners of the 12th Gebhard Award


Brian McMahon, The Ford Century in Minnesota (University of Minnesota Press).

Larry Millett, Minnesota Modern: Architecture and Life at Midcentury (University of Minnesota Press).

There was no award in the article category. The judges were Jennifer O’Brien, Paul Bastyr, and Bob Frame. The award was for works published July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017.

2016 Winners of the 11th Gebhard Award


Larry Millett, with photography by Matt Schmitt, Minnesota’s Own: Preserving Our Grand Homes (Minnesota Historical Society Press).

Honorable Mention

Jane King Hession and Tim Quigley, John H. Howe, Architect: From Taliesin Apprentice to Master of Organic Design (University of Minnesota Press).

Victoria M. Young, Saint John’s Abbey Church: Marcel Breuer and the Creation of a Modern Sacred Space (University of Minnesota Press).


Robert M. Frame III and Richard E. Mitchell, “Constructing Suburbia: The Hidden Role of Prestressed Concrete,” Minnesota History 64:4 (Winter 2014-15): 158-172.

Judges were Kristin Anderson, Greg Gaut and Scott Rohr. The award period was for works published July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015.

2014 Winners of the 10th Gebhard Award


John W. Diers, St. Paul Union Depot (University of Minnesota Press).


Greg Gaut and Marsha Neff, “Downsizing the Public Realm: Building and Razing Winona’s Grand Post Office,” Minnesota History 63:6 (Spring 2013): 246-259.

Judges were Jo Davison, Will Stark, and Robert Ferguson. The award period was for works published July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013.

2012 Winners of the 9th Gebhard Award


Michael Nordskog, The Opposite of Cold: The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition, photographs by Aaron W. Hautala (University of Minnesota Press).

Honorable mention

Thomas Fisher, The Invisible Element of Place: The Architecture of David Salmela (University of Minnesota Press).

There was no award in the article category. Judges were Barbara Bezat, Jennifer Komar Olivarez, and Jane King Hession. The award period was for works published July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

2010 Winners of the 8th Gebhard Award 


Dave Kenney, Twin Cities Picture Show: A Century of Moviegoing (Minnesota Historical Society Press).

Honorable mention

Denis Gardner, Wood+Concrete+Stone+Steel: Minnesota’s Historic Bridges (University of Minnesota Press).


Lisa Plank and Thomas Saylor, “Constructing Suburbia: Richfield in the Postwar Era,” Minnesota History 61:2 (Summer 2008): 48-61.

Judges were Linda Mack, Robert Mack, and Greg Donofrio. The award period was for works published July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2009.

2008 Winners of the 7th Gebhard Award


Jeffrey A. Hess and Paul Clifford Larson, St. Paul’s Architecture (University of Minnesota Press).

Honorable Mention

Larry Millett, AIA Guide to the Twin Cities (Minnesota Historical Society Press).


Greg Gaut and Marsha Neff, “Save the Lady: The Struggle for the Winona Courthouse,” Minnesota History 59:8 (Winter 2005-2006): 316-332.

Honorable Mention

Greg A. Brick, “St. Paul Underground: Stahlmann’s Cellars: The Cave Under the Castle,” Ramsey County History 41 (Spring 2006): 12-19.

Judges were Christine O’Malley, Tom O’Sullivan, and Stuart MacDonald. The award was for works published July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2007.

2006 Winners of the 6th Gebhard Award


Eileen Manning Michels, Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis (Beaver’s Pond Press).


Rolf Anderson, Susan Granger, Liz Walton, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation for “New Deal Roadside Landscape Features,” published in Currents, an Internet-based publication of the National Park Service,

Judges were Susan Roth, Frank Edgerton Martin, and Brian McMahon. The award was for works published July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2005.

2004 Winners of the 5th Gebhard Award


David Vassar Taylor and Paul Clifford Larson, Cap Wigington: An Architectural Legacy in Ice and Stone (Minnesota Historical Society Press).


Abigail Van Slyck, “Housing the Happy Camper,” Minnesota History 58:2 (Summer 2002): 68-83.

Judges were Bob Frame, Carol Frenning, and Brian Horigan. The award was for works published July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2003.

2002 Winners of the 4th Gebhard Award


Patty Dean, “It is Here We Live: Minnesota Homes and the Arts and Crafts Movement,” Minnesota History 57:5 (Spring 2001): 244-262.

There was no award in the book category. Judges were Vera Trent, Bruce Wright, and Larry Millett. The award was for works published July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2001.

2000 Winners of the 3rd Gebhard Award


Jane King Hession, Rip Rapson, and Bruce N. Wright, Ralph Rapson: Sixty Years of Modern Design (Afton Historical Society Press).

Sharon Irish, Cass Gilbert: Modern Traditionalist (Monacelli Press).

Honorable Mention

Fred W. Peterson, Keeping the Faith: German Catholic Vernacular Architecture in a Rural Minnesota Parish (Minnesota Historical Society Press).


Laura Weber, “Wins and Losses: The National Register of Historic Places in Minnesota,” Minnesota History 55:2 (Fall 1997): 3002-319.

Judges were George Edwards, Cynthia Jara, and John Clouse. The award was for works published July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1999.

1998 Winners of the 2nd Gebhard Award

Major Work

Larry Millett, Twin Cities Then and Now (Minnesota Historical Society Press).

Brief Work

Daniel Hoisington, Heritage: Preserving Eden’s Prairie’s Past (Eden Prairie Heritage Preservation Commission).


Jerry Mathiason, for his work in Twin Cities Then and Now.

The awards committee was chaired by Paul Clifford Larson.

1997 Winners of the 1st Gebhard Award


Paul Clifford Larson, Minnesota Architect: The Life and Work of Clarence H. Johnston (Afton Historical Society Press).

Judges were Jane King Hession, Marilyn Chiat, and Katherine Solomonson.

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