Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the MINNESOTA CHAPTER OF THE SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIANS.
Section 1. The Minnesota Chapter, herein called the Chapter, is a local chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians, 1365 North Astor Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610-2144, and is subject to the rules, regulations and bylaws of the Society of Architectural Historians.
The purpose of the Chapter shall be:
Section I. To broaden awareness and appreciation of our architectural heritage.
Section 2. To promote research and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas related to architectural history.
Section 3. To offer opportunities to personally experience significant architectural sites, structures and landscapes.
Section 4. To promote the preservation and recording of important architecture.
Section 5. To cooperate with learned and professional societies in the pursuit of
common objectives.
Section 6. To seek and accept financial support from individuals, philanthropic
organizations, and foundations in the furtherance of Chapter objectives and to act as agent for the safekeeping and distribution of funds given to it for these purposes.

This is only the first three articles of the MNSAH bylaws.
You may download a complete copy of the MNSAH bylaws here.

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